"Good Sourcing Team is the key to successful execution of a customer’s request. Each customer is allocated to a business team which is responsible for making sure that the customer’s requirements are properly understood and executed in close coordination with the factories. This business team is the main contact point of the customer, and the key members of this team often travel to the Supplier / Customer to improve their understanding of the customer’s needs and the market. Our Team has all experienced professionals, most of them having specific factory experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories. The business team is expected to contribute to the customer, not only in terms of communication and follow-up, but also in terms of making a better product which sells well at the point of sale."

Designing and Development

Trend scouting:
The professional designers within our creative teams travel the world`s fashion hot spots to identify the latest fashion trends. They then develop those trends in close collaboration with our buyers according to their specific market needs.

Fabric development and new finishes:
We constantly work on new fabrics and trims in novelty looks and experiment with new washes and finishes to suit our buyers’ styles. All these developments are carefully tested before leaving our style lab.

Collection development:
We are always looking for keeping a good collection even it is from market. All fabrics, artwork, trims and labels are customised to fit this collection, to inspire our buyers and match their particular market segment and specific requirements. In addition, our graphic design team is always on standby to help with graphic concept ideas."

Supplier qualification

We always qualify and audit our suppliers, and we require them to be the best for our customers. 
We audit every single supplier even they are certified by any authorised body to make sure they are following the procedures
We perform Technical Audits to make sure that our suppliers have the right capability and production process in place. 
We perform Social Audits to make sure and to help our suppliers to be compliant with ethical standards respecting the rights of the workers.

Quality Assurance

"The process of delivering a quality product to our customers is divided into two key areas, namely ‘Prevention’ and ‘Control’.

Prevention will be starting from the Development or Initial stage itself, we will give a complete analysis to the client about what are the critical areas and how we are going to improve, what are the process routes"

Our team follow every single product development, to make sure the products are compliant with the most updated regulations. 

We have a pool of nominated labs who perform the tests with the highest standards. 

We perform tests before production, and during the mass production. 

We inspect the orders before the shipment to make sure the Accepted Quality levels are meeting as Client requirements

Logistics & Packaging

Our team is able, not only to develop artworks in a short time and with a reasonable cost, but we are able to control the printing companies in order to ensure packaging consistency. 

Our team can develop packaging solutions for different commercial purposes, from standard color box to PDQ and display

Our shipping teams ensure that the communication between the forwarder and the various suppliers is smooth and seamless and that correct information is relayed to our buyer`s import department. This team is also responsible for making sure that all documentation requirements, such as the requisite forms, L/C conditions etc, are met as per the specification.

Information technology:
We work on the latest inter-connecting modules in the garment industry and are developing our own data management systems to ensure that the information flows easily to our buyers."