Social & Environmental Policies

Being compliant in all aspects of its corporate social responsibility, as defined by the local rules and regulations, is an important aspect of our business philosophy. An experienced and well-trained auditor is in place. These auditor work in accordance with the requirements of BSCI, WRAP etc.

Every factory where the orders are to be placed is audited in advance by our in-house auditor and thereafter, according to the customer's requirements, audit by the accredited agency is organized. The reports are passed on to the customer and, in cases of need, remedial action is taken.

Our corporate social responsibility program does not end with the implementation of the minimum legal requirements. Authorities and consumers all over the world have, for the last few years, become quite sensitive to the issue of product safety and health issues associated with chemicals and substances used in products sold in their markets. The burden of responsibility lies on the importer of goods and thereby on the manufacturers/suppliers. We understand the importance of the issue and have taken steps to ensure a consistent adherence to the legal requirements in the chemical/substance compliance areas like AZO, Reach, Nickel, PVC etc. Our team works with the complete supply chain to educate, inform and regulate the process to ensure that the products exported do not contain any banned substances. Lab tests are undertaken regularly to ensure that the system is effective in controlling the presence of banned substances, Though we are monitoring the substances used, If in case Clients are asking to get a complete report checked, we are happy to give the reports upon request